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As standardized exams have become the most significant measurement of learning, the label of “failing” has increasingly been applied to students and schools. When test scores are low, failing students are held back; failing schools are closed; and states take over whole failing districts. The term failure itself is highly contested at each of these levels. These stories go inside experiences with "failure" and state and local efforts to turn schools around. 

New York, NY

Lakota, student

Lakota started ninth grade at a vocational school for cosmetology. But the school had already been targeted for closure. She describes what happened to the school through its final years and how the dwindling resources contributed to her dropping out. 

tags: school closures

Has your school been marked as a failure? 
What causes as school to be "good" or "bad"? What have your schools been like? 
Have you experienced school closures, turnaround, or restart? 
If your school was struggling, how have you improved? What did you do?  


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