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Charter schools are often cast in opposition to failing public schools: a ray of hope in an otherwise bleak educational landscape. Presented as a potential savior from a distressed system and a space for necessary innovation, charter schools are offered as “competition” that will also force district schools to improve. These stories share real-life experiences with choice and examples of innovation in all types of schools.

New York, NY

Radha, teacher

Radha details life inside of the no-excuses style charter school where she worked. Though initially conceived of as a community school steeped in the surrounding neighborhood's culture, the pressure to perform well on standardized tests sent the school's vision in a tailspin.

tags: charter schools, no excuses

Are you part of a charter school? What has your experience been like? 
How have you seen choice affect your school or district? 
Do you have any experience with co-locations?
What are other kinds of choice and innovation that are less reported on?


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