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Many education reformers argue that we need standardized tests in schools to hold teachers and schools accountable for student learning. This section of the website explores how the rise of standards and testing has influenced teaching and learning, from the use of high stakes exams to the Common Core Standards, and includes alternative forms of assessment. 

Philadelphia, PA

T.Bah, parent

Tonya, known to most as T. Bah, is a parent of twins in public schools. She describes the effects that standardized testing have on her son, who has autism and gets special education services, and her daughter, who is worried that opting out of the exam will destroy her future. 

tags: high stakes testing, opt out, special education

Danielle, student

New York, NY

Danielle immigrated from Congo to the United States and had to navigate a lot to be successful in school. Her final obstacle? One of five standardized exam required for graduation. Will this test block her from reaching her goals?​

tags: high stakes testing, exit exams, Regents

This story originally appeared on WNYC's Radio Rookie program. To find out more about how to create your own story, or how to lead a class of students to create reports on their schools, visit their website

What is the role of testing where you are? 

How have tests helped or hurt learning in your schools? 

How are standards implemented at your school and who do they benefit?

Are there other effective ways to measure student outcomes?

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